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  • A guided step-by-step program that will optimize your charter school board.

    Designed by Experts. Customized for You.

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  • Step 1: Organize Documents

    Get all your board information in one secure place, accessible 24/7, so everyone can find what they need when they need it.

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  • Step 2: Simplify Processes

    Minimize your board logistics, and simplify your life. Access a unified calendar and scheduling tool. Create streamlined, web-based meeting agendas, packets and minutes. Comply with open meeting law requirements with the click of a button. Automate the "busy work" so you can focus on the strategic.

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  • Step 3: Learn Best Practice

    Access 24/7 on-demand training for your board and CEO. Search our resource library with hundreds of templates, samples and expert guidance. Join our members' only webinars and discussions. Receive monthly reminders of the key things you should be focusing on. Utilize a built-in orientation for new trustees. No more reinventing the wheel.

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  • Step 4: Assess Progress

    Our online assessment process will guide you to take stock of your board's strengths and areas that need improvement. And will give you a clear picture of how your board compares to your peers nationwide. You'll receive suggested action steps based on your assessment results.

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  • Step 5: Train with Experts

    Receive quarterly one-hour customized coaching calls with charter school experts. Our experts will guide you through a 5-tiered capability maturity model, help you set quarterly board improvement goals, and assist you in troubleshooting issues.

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  • Step 6: Set and Achieve Goals

    We'll guide you through the development of annual Board and CEO goals. You can then enter these into central dashboards to track progress throughout the year and ensure group accountability.

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  • Step 7: Support and Evaluate Your CEO

    We'll equip you with tools, resources, processes and coaching to strengthen the partnership between the Board and CEO. Our self-guided, online process will support your board through implementation of an effective annual evaluation of the CEO's performance.

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Hear what our members have to say.
  • Malka Borrego

    The Board is finally operating the way I want it to. They're effective, self-sustaining and everything doesn't have to go through me every time.

    Malka Borrego, Executive Director
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  • Rudy S. Walker

    If you're looking for one thing that will accelerate the potential of your board, BoardOnTrack is the system.

    Rudy S. Walker, Board Chair
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  • Maria Marshall

    It makes things organizationally easier, takes the guesswork out and really cuts down on my personal time requirement.

    Maria Marshall, Board Chair
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